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We Want to Welcome YOU to NEW HEART MUSIC!

Please feel free to peruse all the pages of this website. They are constantly changing and new music is always being added!

Everything you see here is Original and Everything is FREE for the asking, as explained below.

On our website, you will find Original Compositions and Arrangements that Glorify God in Worship & Praise, including Instrumental Music, Choral Music, Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs for All Ages and Covering the Entire Church Year.

We THANK YOU for Your Interest in NEW HEART MUSIC and We Look Forward to Meeting Your Christian Music Needs and Desires.

I believe God has revealed Himself in many ways:

  • through His Word, the Holy Bible;
  • through my daily walk with Him;
  • through His faithfulness and His love;
  • through His creation;
  • and through His people.

Throughout my life with God, HE has placed a song in my heart, and so this music is not mine, but HIS! Therefore, the music offered on this website is offered to you FREE of any charges, with the hope and prayer that God alone receives all the glory.

This is HIS music which I want to share with you through this website. I hope you will be as blessed by His music as He has blessed me when I first heard it. If you are blessed by His music, I hope you will in turn share it with others, and always thank God for it!

"Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God and the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ."
~ Ephesians 5:19-20

"Soli Deo gloria!"

Music on this website includes sacred and classical selections. There are psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Also, there are instrumentals and choral pieces.

Please feel free to explore this website. I have grouped this music into various categories. You will note that there is one web page for each category. Some music occasionally fits more than one category, and may therefore be listed more than once.

You should also note that new music is being added all the time, so again, please check back often. might I suggest that you start at the third page labeled ALPHABETIC LISTING OF MY MUSIC for a listing of all my music. Some of the titles are followed by an orange link that.will take you to a corresponding page on Hymntime.com for that selected piece of music. From that page, you will find info about the music as well as icons for displaying the sheet music on PDF, and for listening to their rendition of the piece via Windows Media Player. If you have access to NoteWorthy Composer on your computer, there is also an icon for that to click on, as applicable.

There are lyrics for some of the musical selections in each category. Of course, Instrumental Music will only have the titles shown.

Music can be provided upon request by contacting Scott Werdebaugh as shown below.

You can also preview, listen to or print any music that is listed by first taking just about a minute now to download a free NWC2 Viewer from: http://www.noteworthysoftware.com/setup/nwpsetup.exe, and by requesting the music by its title via an email to me. Another free option available to you, as mentioned briefly above, is to go to: http://www.hymntime.com/tch (formerly, www.cyberhyal.org) The Cyber Hymnal™. From this website, please search for my name under "W" (I am about #184+/-), and you should then see my biography pop up. Under the biography section, the compositions (hymns and lyrics) and music (tune or music score only) will be shown as links. The list will not be as complete as what I have shown on my website, but it will include all the selections that they have chosen and been able to upload to that point. Their website also includes thousands of other Christian hymns and Gospel songs from many denominations: Lyrics, audio, sheet music, pictures, history & more. Searchable, free downloads. New entries almost every day. User friendly. biggest site of its kind on the Internet. Two thumbs up! A link to this website is also shown on my list of recommended links on the LINKS Page of my website.

NOTE: Please be certain that the player you download is the NWC2 Vewer {32-bit Edition}, as that is the ONLY version that supports this music. I will then email the music back to you in an attachment to a cover email message.

Alternatively, as has already been mentioned above, especially with respect to my music that comprises a hymn, there is a wonderful website that has begun to host my music. It can be found at hymntime.com/tch and if you scroll down to the bottom of their home page, you will find many links, all of which are loaded with interesting information. To get to my music, look for the link "People" and click on it. Then you will get a page with the alphabet (A - Z) listed vertically on the left side of the page. Click on "W" and you will get a page with all "W" names, listed alphabetically. Scroll down until you come to my name: Werdebaugh, Scott (#184+/-) and click on it. Finally, you will come to my page on this website. It has a mug shot photo, then 2 paragraphs of biographical info, and then 2 sections of links: Lyrics and Music. Links listed under the Lyrics section are hymns wherein I have written both the lyrics (words) and music(tune). Links under the Music section are those hymns wherein I have composed the music (tune). For any link you click on, you will have displayed information about that hymn and if you look for and find my name, right after "Werdebaugh" you will see three icons. Clicking the first icon will bring up Windows Media Player. If you have installed that program on your computer, then you will hear the music for your hymn selection. The second icon is for getting a PDF copy of the music. Finally, the third icon will bring up NoteWorthy Composer, if ou have installed that program or NoteWorthy Viewer on your computer. With this NoteWorthy Composer icon, you will have access to not only hear the hymn you have selected, but you will also be able to view the complete music score (words and music) and print copies as well.

NOTE: I have just been informed that the owner of this site is now retired and will no longer be posting any more of my music due to numerous health challenges and financial constraints. This news came as a surprise and we need to remember to lift up this brother in Christ in our prayers. The timing of this news was especially unfortunate as I just completed a project whereby I composed new hymn tunes for hymns found in 8 evangelical hymnals. These hymns, as well as my own oriiginal hymns, will be included into a brand new hymnal I have etitled PSALMS, HYMNS, AND SPIRITUAL SONGS OF THE CHRISTIAN FAITH. ..

Anyway, as I was saying, whenever you download the attachment(s) and have already downloaded the above FREE NWC2 Viewer, you can listen to the music and see the music score as it is being played. You may even be able to print your own personal copy, especially if you have purchased a copy of the NoteWorthy Composer software! PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS ONLY POSSIBLE USING THE NOTEWORTHY COMPOSER 2 VIEWER. NO OTHER PLAYER, OTHER THAN THIS OR WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER, WILL WORK. ALSO, AS THIS IS A WINDOWS-BASED SOFTWARE PLAYER, YOU WILL ONLY BE ABLE TO USE IT WITH A WINDOWS-BASED COMPUTER OPERATING SYSTEM. APPLE AND MAC PRODUCTS ARE CURRENTLY NOT SUPPORTED BY NOTEWORTHY COMPOSER SOFTWARE OR WINDOWS TO MY KNOWLEDGE.

Finally, if you enjoy any given selection, or if you would like the music for any given song or instrumental listing, the you can request that a hard master copy of the desired music be sent to you via snail mail (USPS), if you are unable to print it from your computer for any reason.

Currently, all music is offered FREE of charge and you are welcome to copy and disseminate any of the music you receive. However, you MUST ALWAYS include the copyright info on any and all copies to avoid copyright infringement and related penalties by law.

Any donations that you wish to make will gladly be accepted only to defray our costs for printing and mailing your music. Such donations MUST be made payable to my wife, Sharon Werdebaugh. (As a result of my strokes, I am unable to work or handle money.)

If you feel that you just have to pay something for the music above and beyond the donation to help defray the cost of printing and postage, please consider giving your offering to the Lord at your local church, parish, or synagogue, or to the mission of your choice. You may also make a donation toward my son's support as a missionary to Slovenia through Josiah Venture. (Please see more about this option on my "About Us" page where I introduce you to my son, Shawn Werdebaugh, and his family.)

Thank you and may God bless you.

Please contact Scott Werdebaugh at:

1050 South Evergreen Drive
Independence, OR 97351-1619






"God-Inspired Music
from the
New Heart HE Has Made!"

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